Bergamot & Eucalyptus Hand Cream


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A fast-absorbing daily hand moisturizer infused with ocean botanicals, antioxidants and naturally hydrating ingredients designed to soften and restore dry hands from frequent washing and exposure to environmental stressors. This deeply hydrating cream delivers nourishing ingredients to the skin quickly, drying down to a silky, soft finish while restoring the drying effects of outdoor activity, wind, sun and sea.

Fragrance notes | Top — Italian Bergamot, Grapefruit : Middle — Hinoki, Vetiver : Base — Eucalyptus, Amber, Orange Blossom
Key Ingredients | Squalane, Snow Mushroom, Seaweed Extracts, Niacinamide

To Use | Apply a small amount to clean hands and gently massage in until absorbed. Use as often as desired.
Good to Know | This hand cream absorbs fast and isn’t greasy! It comes in an aluminum tube. Aluminum is an abundant mineral that is 100% recyclable and can be recycled an infinite number of times.

2 oz | $20.00