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Toasty is… a candle made for the seekers of invigorating moments; those that often need to be reminded to eat, drink, and – in particular – to be merry. The Toasty candle by Redolent Co. is inspired by quiet mornings that blend effortlessly into lazy afternoons, punctuated by delightfully indulgent brunches. This is a scent of enlightened comfort, the calm meditative moment taken to oneself before the to-do list is produced. Toasty encourages you to remember that if you don’t take care of the self, it becomes harder to take care of others.

Scent Notes: Thick, rich manuka honey, sweet vanilla, cream, rare saffron, and a bouquet of acacia, honeysuckle, ginger, and orchid flowers.

Comes in a high quality, matte, brick red/rust colored vessel.

Hand-poured in California, and contain premium coconut wax with a cotton wick.

Burn Time | Approx. 60 hours
Size | 8 oz / 227 grams

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