Porch Light is seeking a new part-time employee to join our team. The ideal candidate for this position is confident, warm, friendly, responsible, understands our aesthetic and represents our style to customers. You are an observant multi-tasker, anticipating both customer and store needs. You must be hard working, dependable and able to work weekends. Some knowledge of plant care and photography is a plus. Currently we have 3 shifts available (Saturday, Sunday and either Monday or Friday) for a total of 22 hours per week from 10:45am to 6:15pm (5:15 on Sundays).  Salary based on experience, but we start everyone above minimum wage.

Position qualifications

  • You truly enjoy engaging and working with people (customers and co-workers) and feel comfortable presenting a positive attitude to warmly welcome all customers, vendors and neighbors into the shop. You are someone who can strike up a conversation and make a connection.
  • We all wear many hats here and ability to multitask is also a must. If you become a member of our team you will be responsible for interacting with and assisting customers, re-stocking products, checking in merchandise and placing it on the floor, managing web orders, keeping the shop clean and displays full and fresh, working the sales floor and the jewelry counters, ringing up and packaging customer’s purchases.
  • Self-motivation is very important. If you see a display that need reworking you rework it. If you see a messy cupboard or disorganized area you take the initiative to clean and organize without being asked. If there is room for improvement you ask for what you need and tackle it.
  • Changing displays around is a big part of the job here. You should feel comfortable in your ability to regularly merchandize the shop to reflect its overall look and feel. It is your job to create and maintain a welcoming store environment by cleaning, straightening, restocking, and rearranging.
  • Being a reliable co-worker is essential. If you are scheduled to work you must do your very best to be here, be here on time and give your best while you are here. If you cannot be here it is your responsibility to try to get your shifts covered.  We are very accommodating with vacations.
  • Experience and comfort using, adapting to and learning multiple software programs and social media tools is essential. We use Word, Excel, WordPress, VEND pos, Mailchimp, Instagram and Facebook.  Preferably you are proficient in Mac OS.

Position requirements

  • Previous experience working in a retail environment, preferably 2 years. Experience in a small, independent store is a plus.
  • Strong organizational, multi-tasking and communication skills.
  • Outgoing personality, a warm and positive outlook and excellent people skills.
  • Must work weekends and holidays.

To apply, please submit a resume to info@porchlightshop.com along with a note outlining why you’re interested in working at Porch Light and why your skills are a good fit for the position. Please also include your availability. If we think we’re a match made in retail heaven we’ll contact you to set up an interview.