1 Row Grid Cuff | Bronze


Simple bronze grid cuff bracelet by Mimosa Handcrafted. 

The Story | “Not only does a grid allow us to organize the chaos around us, but it also creates a balance and symmetry that calms us. That was it. The calming part.

Jewelry as a tool for calming has been a concept I’ve played with for years. But after this last year, it went from curious interest to desperate need. In this case, the tool is more of an aesthetic reminder of knowing what works for you. For me, it’s simplicity and order that have always given my monkey mind a sense of peace and harmony.” – Mimosa Handcrafted

Size | cuff is adjustable* and fits a 5″ to 7″ wrist
Material | bronze
Good to Know | Mimosa is a small, woman owned company based in Louisiana. Each piece is made by hand in South Louisiana. Each piece varies slightly due to its handmade nature.


*MIMOSA bracelets are slightly adjustable. The first time you put your new bracelet on, adjust it one time to a size that slips on and off comfortably. They are solid cast metal, so repeated adjusting can cause it to break!

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