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Exfoliate your face with this silk kese from Ruhani. Crafted from the finest silk, this exfoliating glove is your secret to revitalized skin, reflecting centuries of Mediterranean beauty rituals.

Why it’s great:
Gentle Exfoliation
| Say goodbye to dead skin cells and welcome a more luminous complexion.
Even Tone | Target dark spots and uneven skin tone for a balanced, flawless look.
Smooth Texture | Embrace the feel of smoother lines and a soft, porcelain-like finish with regular use.

Care | Rinse with warm water after each use. Apply a small amount of soap to clean, if necessary. Hang and let it air dry completely. Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach which can degrade the silk fibers. With proper care, your Kese will maintain its exfoliating properties and last through many uses.

Good to Know | Ruhani is a woman owned company with a mission to empower Turkish women artisans. They are committed to bringing the beauty and wellness of Mediterranean-Turkish culture to the world.