hibi incense matches | 8 pack


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Box of 8 incense matchsticks. Each pack also comes with a burning pad for safe burning. Each match lasts approx. 10 minutes of burning time. Scent lingers for 30 minutes or more. Also available in a 30 pack here.

Made in Japan

How to Use | Please note that incense matches are delicate. To light, place your forefinger over the match head and strike. Wait for the flame to reach the incense, about 1/4″ of the way down. It will extinguish itself around this point or you can gently blow it out. Place the smoking incense on the burning mat and enjoy. Matches breaking during lighting is not common and becomes less frequent after one gets a feel for it, however if breakage does occur, light both sides with a lighter and proceed as instructed above.

Good to Know | The Kobe Match Co arrived at a mixture of paper fibres, incense and charcoal to create the perfect strike-on-box incense match. The Harima region of Awaji in Japan has been producing matches and incense for nearly one hundred and fifty years.

$15.00 per pack

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ambergris, cedar wood, geranium, japanese cypress, lavender, lemongrass, oakmoss, sandalwood, yuzu, mimosa, olive