Wax Cast Ouroboros Snake Hoops


Handmade wax cast snake hoop earrings by Serpentine. Serpentine is curated and designed by Jesseca McCloskey in Portland, Oregon.

The Story | “These snake hoop earrings are part of Serpentine’s collection of original jewelry designs which were first lovingly hand carved from wax then cast locally in metal. They are in the shape of a snake eating its own tail (an ouroboros). The ear wire (the tail of the snake) feeds through the earlobe from the back latching into the snakes head on the front. The snake has charming carved details on its face. Snakes symbolize rebirth, transformation and healing. The ouroboros is a symbol of infinity: a cyclical journey.” — Jess, Serpentine

Material | sterling silver or brass
Size | 1.75″ across.

Brass | $160.00
Silver | $210.00

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Brass, Silver